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No, you do not need a boater’s license to drive the Pontoon or Electric Boats.
You must be 21 years old and over to rent out our Pontoon and Electric Boats, while anyone younger, must be supervised by someone 21 years of age and older on board.
Yes! You may bring your own food and beverage on the Electric or Pontoon Boat.

While it isn’t illegal to drink alcohol on a boat, it is against the law to operate a vessel while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. The blood alcohol limit for boating is the same as that for driving a car – 0.08%.

You may operate the boat yourself, or you may hire a captain to operate the boat for a fee.
Reservations are not required, however, are recommended to get a guaranteed time slot.
Yes, pets are allowed on board for a fee. Service animals, however, are free at no charge.
 Our address is 2901 W. Coast Hwy in Suite160 . There is convenient parking onsite in the underground parking structure at our location. Due to ongoing construction in the area-and the subsequent increase in demand-The Parking Company has between $20 to $30 for all night parking depending on the day. We unfortunately have no control whatsoever over these parking rates and are unable to validate.  We look forward to sharing our FUN with you! We are committed to customer service and making the experience as smooth as possible. So we have manually created a parking map of the area for your convenience with some alternative locations for parking. In the attached map, areas in green are typically free, but are also often used by other folks that are seeking free parking, so please allot yourself sufficient time to find a spot, get to our location and get checked in. Areas in purple are typically metered, but most meters are only until 6pm, but please check signage to ensure that you are in compliance with any local city or state ordinances. Sometimes you have to pay a couple of dollars and sometimes you do not. Additional options would be to legally park in a nearby neighborhood and take an Uber/Lyft down to our location, or walk if it is close enough. Again, please make sure that you observe any and all city/state ordinances (or rules and regulations if on private property) wherever you decide to park. Triangle Square is also only about 8-10 minutes away and is a very reasonable Uber/Lyft away. It’s a great location to grab dinner before or after your cruise and they have a large, complimentary parking structure. If you do park here however, please make sure to observe any posted ordinances, rules or regulations.

No, we used to have them on all our boats though. What we learnt over the years is, when the sides are down it gets hotter in the boat than outside causing it to fog the sides easily. With that you have two issues: The person driving the boat cannot see clearly where they are going. The passengers can’t see the decorated houses and boats passing by clearly. Passengers eventually try to undo the zippers causing the sides to either falling into the water or damaging them in the process. Repair cost in excess of $1000. We found the best solution is to have you Layer up and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones and no barriers between you and the parade.

The company considers these days and their corresponding weekend’s holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day (also day after Thanksgiving)
  • Newport Boat Parade
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Thank you for renting with Newport Fun Tours. Here’s information to help keep you and your passengers safe, whether you’re a first-time or elite boater.

Just like driving a car, steering a boat, has its own set of Rules of the Road. This is to keep you and other boaters safe on the water. Your safety is our number one priority.

Let’s get started!


Important information

If you are not familiar with the term “negligent”, it basically means you are not paying proper attention or acting responsibly while you are operating your boat. There are important rules you need to follow. These rules are to help keep you and your passengers safe. And strictly enforced “Negligent Operation” of a boat is a criminal offence.

Here are a few examples of “negligent behavior”:

Failing to make sure that children 12 years of age and under is not wearing a life jacket.

Riding on the bow(front of boat), seat backs (back of boat) of the boat, port side(left side) and starboard (right side)edges of the boat.

Using hazardous towing of Stand-up paddleboards or Kayaks

Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don’t take a chance with this one.

As an operator of a boat, you are responsible for following the rules. If you allow anyone of your passengers to act in a “negligent” manner, you may face severe penalties.

Children on board require special attention. A life jacket for children 12 years and under is required to be used at all times while boating. We recommend that a responsible adult is assigned to keep track of each child and their safety and to make sure they are seated before the boat is in operation.

There are simple navigation rules to help avoid collision with other boats.

When crossing the path of another boat, you should yield to the boat on your right, (starboard).

When you meet another boat head-on, you should steer to the right (starboard).

When you overtake another boat, you should pass on the left (port) side, leave plenty of room, and yield (give way) to that boat. If conditions require it, you may pass on the right (starboard) side.

If you or the other boat fail to act, and there is a threat of a collision, it is your responsibility to slow down, steer away and/or stop.

You must yield (give way) to all boats under sail, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards.

You should also stay out of the way of commercial or working boats.

Proper lights should be turned on at night or when visibility is poor. Make sure these lights are working before you leave dock.

You will also be provided an emergency horn that is either installed on the boat or handheld. Five short blasts is the universal sign for danger or in need of assistance.

Every boat has a maximum weight and person capacity. Overloading your boat can cause it to swap, capsize, or be very difficult to control.

Overloading a boat is unsafe and against the law.

It is best for all passengers to remain seated whenever this boat is in motion.

Standing or moving about can cause falls overboard.

Instruct your passengers to keep a firm grip on the boat and stay low if they must move while this boat is in motion.

Falling into cold water can lead to cold-water shock and hypothermia, which will impede your ability for self-rescue, even if you are a good swimmer.

Awareness zone includes the front (bow), sides (gunwales), and rear (stern) and extends 30 feet behind and around the boat. As a boat operator we advise you to educate all of your passengers on the awareness zone, and to do not allow anyone to enter the awareness zone unless the boat’s motor is turned off, the keys are removed, and I have counted to ten to allow the propeller time to stop spinning. Swimming, diving, sliding, or jumping from or near the boat is not permitted as may result in severe injury.

Make note of all RED ZONES. You are NOT ALLOWED to navigate under any bridge within the Newport Harbor with the exception of Lido Bridge. This is to avoid damages to the Canopy Top and bars of the boat. Your Boat Rental is not allowed out of Newport Harbor. The boat motors are not powerful enough for ocean use. Stay clear of moorings and mooring lines. This is to avoid the risk of mooring lines getting caught up in your boat propeller. Stay clear of buoys, bigger boats, commercial and working boats, and the Balboa Ferry. BEACHING of the boat is NOT ALLOWED. Beaching of the Boat in shallow waters may cause major DAMAGES to the Hull, propeller, or motor of the boat. Make note of Restroom Stops at Public Docks in the Harbor. You will need to dock the boat yourself, which will cut into your time rental. 


Your boat will have a Fire Extinguisher on board.

As an operator of your boat rental, it is advised that you and your passengers know where the Fire Extinguisher is located and know how to use it in case of a Fire Emergency.

If you feel you are lost in the Harbor, we advise that you use Google Maps and type in our address to return: 2901 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach

If you need vessel assist such as a mechanical issue or how to use the controls on the boat: Call 949-675-8433 and Press 5 for a company representative.

LITTERING IS AGAINST THE LAW and can cause stiff penalties. Do not litter.

You may see Sea Lions in the Newport Harbor. Sea Lions may act aggressively towards humans. Keep away from Sea Lions.

It is a violation to feed wildlife in Newport Beach.

Make use of all your senses, stay alert, and be aware of all your surroundings. Your safety first is our prime concern. But being safe on the water, ultimately depends on you.

Enjoy your boat rental with Newport Fun Tours! The Fun Starts Here!